Monday, July 27, 2015

Outfit | Poppy red

outfit, white crop top, blue mirrored cat eye sunglasses, floral pants, purple flip flops flat sandals, michael kors watch

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
You know how I was telling you about the heat wave in my country during these last two weeks, well it finally cool down a little bit but they sad it will get hot again during next week :/ So this weekend we decided to install air conditioner in our apartment. We were suppose to do that long time ago but I guess we thought we won't need it!!!
Anyway the heat is not stopping us from going outside for an evening walk. It's really hard to choose what to wear when you just can't stop sweating like crazy!!! This time I wore a simple white crop top with my floral pants and some purple flip flops. Even wearing a bag bothers me, so I just put my phone in my hubbies pocket and off we go ;)
Have a wonderful week you guys!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Aisle Style | Special occasion dresses - bridesmaid dresses

aislestyle special occasion dresses

Hey guys!!! Are you having a fun or just relaxing weekend!? Mine is bit of both ;)
You know how I talked about wedding dresses, well no wedding can pass by without bridesmaids, mother of a bride, flower girl and guests right?! ;) That's why I'm gonna talk about site called Aisle Style dresses brides in 30 countries being an international leader in the sector in the past 20 years. They offer a diverse compilation of international crafted designer dresses, from glamorous, draped to lace ones. Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, their Aisle Style dresses and gowns suit every age and style. Beside dressing brides they also offer other special occasion dresses. Here I'm showing you just a few of their bridesmaid dresses that caught my attention but I promise they have so many beautiful dresses that it's hard to choose just a few ;) Well I'm just one of those girly girls who love to browse through site watching pretty dresses. So what ever the occasion is you should check their site cause I bet you can find a perfect one for you.
Leaving you with direct links under the photos! Happy browsing and shopping!!! ;)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Landybridal | Wedding dresses

Hey loves! Happy Friday!!!
Hope you had a great week.
This time I wanna talk wedding dresses! I wanna present you site called landybridal where you can find a large variety of wedding dresses in different styles, including vintage inspired wedding dresses, empire, A-line etc. Which ever style of wedding dresses you prefer, you will surely find your favorite one on this website. Even if you have some novel ideas, their designers will help your ideas to come true. One of my favorite style wedding dresses have to be mermaid style wedding dresses. I feel like they are so flattering for any body type and when they can be handmade and personalized to your taste and size even better ;) High quality fabrics are selected and decorated with beads, ruching, embroidery and hand appliques. I'll leave you a link for their cheap lace wedding dresses so you can see some of the details on them. They offer international shipping, so where ever you live in the world your chosen dress will come to you.  
So guys do check them out and share the site landybridal with your friends that are might be looking for their dream dress.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Outfit | High and Low

outfit, yellow floral dress, black gladiator sandals, ootd, gold layered necklace, dainty jewelry

Hey loves!
How are you all!? Are you preparing for your vacations or you already been somewhere lovely?! With my new job I don't think we'll be able to go on a vacation together :( well I guess we can always plan a weekend getaway!!! ;) 
So as you can see I'm wearing a dress, it's too hot for anything else, and this easy breezy piece was a perfect choice. I just love the bright yellow it's screams summer. Rocking my black gladiators once again, they just go with everything and they are so comfy ;)
Have a blessed day!
Talk to you on Friday.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Outfit | Party with the hat

outfit, black fedora style wool hat, braids, black crop top, denim cutoffs, blue denim shorts, black chunky shoes heels

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend!
We had a heat wave in my country during the last week and it will continue during the next one. It's really unbearable especially cause I started working on a new job last week, so I have to take a bus to get there, it's and hour drive and I get there all sweaty and exhausted. But hey it's better to be hot that cold ;) I'm just worried for all the old people and the little ones cause they suffer the most with this heat ;/ and little stray dogs ;( How's the weather in your country, is it a beautiful summer or you are also dealing with crazy heat!?
On to the ootd - I can't really be bothered wearing any clothes ;) when the weather is like this, but I can't walk around naked right?! ha ha. I wore this black crop top with some high waist cutoffs, both pieces bought on e Bay. Added a fedora hat from for protection and some chunky high heels to elongate my legs. As you can see I'm rocking braids, which is rare for me, but I just had to get my hair out of my face and neck!
Hope you like this look and find it inspirational.
Have a great week people!!!